Faculty Handbook

Faculty Handbook

Although each building and department in the District is unique in its own right, there are consistent expectation that the District holds for all staff. 

Faculty Handbook (updated 09-12-17)

Non-Discrimination Statement
In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education amendments of 1972, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title II of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, and Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1977, it is the policy of the Richmond Community School District that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion ,military status, national origin or ancestry, sex (including sexual orientation), disability, age (except as authorized by law,) height, weight, or marital status be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to, discrimination during any program, activity, service or employment. Inquiries related to any nondiscrimination policies should be directed to the Superintendent, 35276 Division Road, Richmond, MI 48062, (586) 727-3565.

Mission Statement
Richmond Community Schools – At Richmond Community Schools, we provide a quality education that empowers students to be successful in a global community.

Will L. Lee Elementary School – In partnership with parents and community, the mission of the Lee School is to offer a caring environment that stimulates curiosity, promotes a desire to learn, and values each child as an unique individual.

Richmond Middle School – The mission of Richmond Middle School is to promote a high level of academic achievement and self-sufficiency.

Richmond High School – Richmond High School is dedicated to instituting high standards, teaching students through dynamic instruction, and incorporating the latest technological advances.

It is the expectation of the District that employees are at work unless there is a personal reason, illness or other approved reason for their absence.

Employee absences related to personal or family illnesses shall be entered into the District attendance system (e.g. Frontline) as soon as possible, regardless of whether the absence is for a full day or less than a full day.  Failure to enter all absences shall be subject to disciplinary measures.

Employee request for absences related to personal business (or vacation for appropriate personnel) shall be submitted to the building administrator for approval at least seven (7) calendar days (or as defined differently by contract) prior to the requested absence, unless their specific contract indicates otherwise.

Employee request for absences related to professional development shall be submitted to the building administrator for approval.  All professional development must be preapproved by the building administrators AND Superintendent or his/her designee prior to the employee attending the professional development.  Request to attend a professional development must be made at least two (2) calendar weeks prior to the professional development date.  The District shall not approve professional development not aligned to the district and school improvement plans or individual development plans (IDP).

Employees shall not be absence from work prior to and after a holiday or a scheduled holiday break unless prior approval from the Superintendent or allowed by individual contracts or defined differently by contract.

REA Members

Article X (Professional and Personal Leave) of the Master Agreement between Richmond Board of Education and MEA-NEA Local 1, Richmond Education Association states:


  1. Teachers shall be permitted to be absent from their duties without loss of pay for reasons of personal business subject to the following conditions:


    1. A maximum of three (3) days each year, not chargeable against accumulated allowable days of absence shall be granted.


    2. Personal business shall be defined as bona fide business that requires the presence of the teacher, the times of which are beyond the control of the teacher and reasonably cannot be conducted at any time other than during the school day.


    3. Requests for absence because of activities arising out of employment other than with the Richmond Community Schools shall not be approved.


    4. Notification of use for personal leave must be made to the Superintendent or his/her designee at least seven (7) calendar days in advance, except in cases of unforeseen emergency.


    5. Parties mutually agree that these days are not to be used as vacation days and may not be taken the day before or the day after a vacation or holiday. Appeals for unforeseen emergencies may be made to the Superintendent.


    6. A teacher planning to use a business day, or days, shall notify the Superintendent or designee immediately upon knowing his/her need to take a business day.


    7. The Superintendent or designee may question the reason for the business day, if the principal/supervisor has evidence the teacher did not make proper use of the day.




      Name_________________________ Date_________________


      Date Business Day Requested ________________


      I hereby request a personal business day and also state that the use of this day is defined as business that requires my presence on said day, and that the business cannot be conducted at any other time. I further state that this day will not be used as vacation or the extension of a vacation period.


    8. Any teacher not using all of his/her personal business leave days in a given school year will have any unused days added to his/her accumulated sick days the following school year, or at the option of the teacher, each of the days may be redeemed at the end of the school year at 75% of the substitute teacher rate.

It was agreed that the District would no longer require REA members to email their Principal in advance to request a Personal Business Day, but rather enter their Personal Business Day request into Frontline/AESOP.  Once entered into AESOP, your building Principal will receive a message to review and, if appropriate, approve your Personal Business Day request.  REA members shall submit their Personal Business Day request in AESOP at least seven (7) calendar days in advance (per Article X, B-2), except in cases of unforeseen emergency.

Building Principals shall review all request for Personal Business Days in AESOP and approve them, so long as they follow the contractual guidelines.  If the Personal Business Day is submitted less than seven (7) calendar days in advance, the REA must document the “unforeseen emergency” in the “Notes” field to your building principal.  ?The “Notes” field to the Administrator is only seen by the Administrator, not the substitute.

The use of a Personal Business Day must follow contractual language which states that the use of this day is for business that requires my presence on said day, and that the business cannot be conducted at any other time. The contract also states that Personal Business Dayswill not be used as vacation or the extension of a vacation period.”  Requests for Personal Business Day absences because of activities arising out of employment other than with the Richmond Community Schools shall not be approved.

Accessible Aisle in Classrooms
An aisle of a minimum of 36” must be maintained in each classroom to comply with the American with Disabilities Act.

Each building shall be furnished with a Faculty Lounge that contains a refrigerator and microwave.  Faculty shall not have appliances such as microwave, coffee pot, cup warmers, etc. in their assigned classroom or office area.  The District reserves the right to remove appliance from classroom or offices.

While staff may have refrigerators in their classroom or office area, it is strongly recommended that staff try to limit the number by sharing (e.g. grade-lvel, wing of a building, etc.). 
Faculty beverage containers (e.g. coffee mug, water bottles, etc.) must have a lid to minimize and prevent spilling and burns. 


Security Badges shall only be issued to District Employees.  Outside individuals shall obtain access to the building, via a custodian, only when a facility use request has been complete and approved.  Security badges must be worn and visible by all staff.

The District reserves the right to establish building access based on the employee’s position.  Unauthorized use of a security swipe card by an individual other than the person who has been issued the badge shall be cause for immediate termination of the security badge privileges.  Security badges lost or stolen must be reported to the Superintendent’s Office within 24 hours.  A fee of $10.00 shall be assessed for damaged or lost/stolen badges.

Board Policy and Administrative Guidelines
Employees are expected to comply with all Board Policies and Administrative Guidelines.  To access Board Policies and Administrative Guidelines, go to the Board of Education’s webpage and click on Board Policies.  When prompted, enter the Username: richmondcomm-mi and Password: Rainbow#1.

Note: Once Board Policy have been revised by the Board of Education or Administrative Guidelines revised by the Superintendent, it may take several weeks for NEOLA, the company that recommends policy and guidelines changes, to update the revisions to the website.

Building and Grounds
Employees are responsible for the cleanliness of the areas they utilize during their activity.  Bottles, wrappers and any other trash left should be picked up and placed in the appropriate receptacle. This includes the hallways during passing times.

Building Responsibilities
Golden Rules If you open it, close it. If you unlock it, lock it when you are finished. Employees are responsible for the security of any area they use. This includes equipment.

Auditorium Primarily, three school groups use the stage area:  Theater Arts, Band, and Choir.  During normal school hours, scheduled classes get priority usage rights during their regularly scheduled instructional time. 

Groups that use the stage need to be respectful of other groups’ equipment and stage dressing.  It is also the Band and/or Choir’s responsibility to ensure removal, within a reasonable time, of any chairs, music stands, and/or risers at the end of the rehearsal or concert series.

The locked storage areas on each side, as well as the loft areas above contain materials belonging solely to the Theater Arts department and are off limits to all groups unless specific permission has been granted for material usage.

Additional Stage Usage Guidelines:

1. When leaving the auditorium, make sure all doors are locked, and the lights off.

2. Ensure equipment in the control booth is properly put away, turned off and locked.

3. Food and drink is prohibited in the auditorium.  Violations and stains become the responsibility of the user group.

Classroom Management Plan
When administering discipline in your classroom, it is expected that the teacher develops a classroom discipline plan with the following:

--A brief statement that illustrates your philosophy on student behavior.

--Your expectations of student behavior.

--A graduated series of steps and consequences that may lead to the student being referred to the office for further disciplinary procedures.

--Included in your graduated series of steps, a level at which the teacher contacts a parent.

--Teachers are then expected to execute and follow their classroom management plan.

When referring a student to the office:

--Notify the Dean of Students and/or designee following the building protocol.  The notification should minimally contain a detailed description of the situation along with dates of parent communication.

--Telephone the main office if it is an emergency or if the situation dictates.

--Faculty are expected to follow the building’s Positive Behavior Intervention System (PBIS) informal and formal procedures as well as provide the appropriate documentation.

The administration has the prerogative to assign discipline procedures according to the guidelines set forth in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook.  Follow up records will be kept on the actions taken on each referral.

Computer Labs
Computers in the lab and/or media center must be reserved in advanced with the Paraprofessional in the Media Center. Teachers using these computers are responsible for the supervision of their students and will be held responsible for their condition.

Correction of Papers by Students
Teachers are expected to correct and evaluate all student work.  No student or non-teacher shall correct the work of another student as it is a violation of FERPA.

Course Syllabus
In order to present a more professional image, teachers shall create a formal course syllabus.  The course syllabus is a professional document that is presented to your students and maintained in the office.  Listed below are some guidelines which may assist faculty in developing their course syllabus.  Faculty who teach the same course are encouraged to develop a course syllabus together.

--Course Title
--Instructor’s Name
--Instructor’s Contact Information and Office Hours
--Course Description--This section is similar to the course description in the student course selection guide.
--Prerequisites--This may be one or two courses a student should have to be successful in your course.  If there are no prerequisites, simply state “none.”
--Textbook(s) and Supplemental Materials
--Exit Outcomes--Some may call these “learner will…” statements.    Student performance will be measured using formative and summative assessments.  Include a minimum of five (5) performance outcomes all students will be expected to demonstrate to pass your class.  Students of classes with the same title should have the same outcomes and be assessed using common assessments.
--Course Outline--This section breaks down your course into topics or units of study.  A time frame should also be included, in terms of the number of weeks being devoted to any one particular topic or unit.  This section describes exactly what will be taught in general terms.  It is not a detailed course outline.  Units of study should be organized and presented in a logical fashion.
--Course Requirements—This section is where you explain how you will use formative and summative assessments to determine the students’ level of performance.
--Middle School and High School Teachers – Please explain the grading policy which the district has adopted in regards to 80 percent summative and 20 percent formative and how you will be adopting this in the classroom.

Custodial Services
Students are expected to clean up after themselves.  Teachers are expected to maintain a neat and orderly classroom.   Any and all maintenance needs or request shall be entered by the faculty member utilizing the District online system, SchoolDude.

ustodians should not have to pick up paper or other items around the room, nor, on a regular basis, clean graffiti off of desks. Immediately report any and all incidents of vandalism to the principal.  Emergency conditions should be referred to the office.

Each employee shall be issued a District provided email.  This email is for school use only.  Employees are expected to check their email before, on their preparation time, and after school.  The District shall use email as it primary means to communication and provide information to faculty.  All emails received requiring a response shall be returned within forty-eight (48) hours.

All email communication between faculty-students and faculty-parents shall be through the District provided email.

Staff shall no access personal emails during work time.

Emergency Procedures
All emergency procedures are outlined in the District’s Crisis Management Handbook.  It is the expectation that all employee read and familiarize themselves with the procedures.  The Crisis Management Plan shall remain in a readily accessible location in your classroom at all times.

End of Year Procedures
End of year instructions shall be provided to all employee.  All employee shall be required to complete a formal check out process, which includes End-of-the-Year Procedures, prior to leaving for the summer.

At one time or another there may be a need to run an activities schedule in order to accommodate an activity at the end of the day. This may include assemblies and other special events.

Assemblies shall be scheduled at least seven (7) school days preceding the event.  A special time schedule, if necessary, will be announced after the assembly is scheduled.  When appropriate, the activities schedule already developed shall be used.

All student club and organizations activities are coordinated through the Dean of Student’s Office.  Notification of vacant scholastic Schedule B positions shall be posted by the Superintendent’s Office.  Employee shall be notified of their appointment to the position by the Superintendent’s Office.  Evaluation of scholastic Schedule B positons shall be done by the Dean of Student, with input from the Principal.

Athletic programs are under the direction of the middle school or high school Dean of Students.  Richmond Community Schools is a member of the Blue Water Area Conference (BWAC).  Notification of vacant athletic Schedule B positions shall be by the Superintendent’s Office.  Personnel shall be notified of their appointment to the position by the Superintendent’s Office.  Evaluation of scholastic Schedule B positons shall be done by the Dean of Student, with input from the Principal.

Class and Club Sponsors:  Since it is a part of professional ethics to be actively involved with students at times other than in the classroom, teachers are asked to show this involvement by sponsoring a club or an activity.  Each sponsor will supervise and guide the activities of his/her group and see that proposed activities, approved by the building administration, and scheduled through the online facility use request.

All contractual commitments (reserve facilities, hire disc jockeys or musical groups, hire photographers, agreements to purchase goods, etc.) require administrative approval in advance.

All contracts shall have the building administrator’s signature.  Without administrative signature the signing person or sponsor risks assuming the obligation.

Funds collected shall follow Board Policy and the appropriate Administrative Guidelines.  All Student Activities Accounts (e.g. internal account) shall have an approved budget prior to the use of funds.

General Expectations of Class and Club Sponsors:
--Schedule meetings on a regular basis and assist in preparation of an agenda.
--Supervise the planning and carrying out of all functions with which the group is involved. This includes attendance at all meetings and work sessions.
--Class sponsors must chaperone Homecoming and Snowcoming dances.  Club sponsors must chaperone dances held by their club.  If you cannot attend the event, you must notify the administration and find a suitable staff substitute.
--Approve in writing all announcements that will be read over the PA system.
--Assure that the class or club is in good financial order prior to approving any expenditure.  Turn in all money to the Board Office after an activity, and request check in payment of all bills incurred by the group within one (1) week after the end of an activity or fundraiser.
--Complete building use requests and have them approved for any activity that takes place outside the regular school day via the facilities request process outlined on the district website.
--Promptly return any equipment borrowed by the group.

Facility Usage
District facilities are available for use by various school and community groups. Faculty utilizing the facility before or after the school day shall complete on online Facility Use request, as outlined on the District’s website.  A Facility Use request is not required for activities taking place in the faculties own classroom before 4 pm.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records. The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the U.S. Department of Education. FERPA deals specifically with the education records of students, affording them certain rights with respect to those records. For purposes of definition, education records are those records which are directly related to a student and maintained by an institution or a party acting for the institution.

FERPA gives students who reach the age of 18 or who attend a post-secondary institution the right to inspect and review their own education records. Furthermore, the right to request amendment of records and to have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information from these records shifts from the parent to the student at this time.

As an employee of Richmond Community Schools, you may NOT discuss or share any information about a student that you obtain through the course of your assignment.  It is the District expectation that employee have in their Substitute Plans a reminder to substitutes not to discuss or share information about students they obtain while substituting for your position.

Field Trips and Student Travel
It is the District expectation that employee follow Board Policy 2340 (Field and Other District Sponsored Trip) and well as Administrative Guideline 2340A (Field Trip Guidelines) when plan and conducting a field trip.  The District approve Field Trip form must be utilized by all employees.

Staff members are expected to follow the Board Policy (e.g. Policy 2340), Administrative Guidelines (e.g. AG 2340A), regarding field trip as well as utilize any and all district related forms.

Overnight trips must be approved by the Board of Education.  Employee shall contract the appropriate building administrators to arrange for the request to be placed on the Board of Education agenda.  Overnight field trip request are heard by the Board of Education on the 1st meeting of each month and approval is granted or denied on the 2nd meeting of each month.  Presentation of overnight request are general presented to the Board of Education on the 2nd Monday of each Month with the Board taking action on the request on the 4th Monday of each month.  Board approve is required before any communication is provided to students or parents.

Food and Beverage Sales

All food and beverage sales must follow Board Policy 5830 regarding student fund raising and shall not be sold during the established District breakfast and lunch program hours.


Grading System
The grading system for Richmond Community Schools, unless otherwise approved by the principal, shall be in terms as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. This grading system must be included with the teacher’s written course syllabus distributed to each student within the first five (5) class periods of a course each semester for middle and high school teachers.

Keys shall only be issued to the building, room or area of the building that the person’s position or request has been approved.  District personnel shall only be provided a key or keys for the room and/or area that they have been authorized access to.  Non-district personnel shall not be provided interior or exterior keys but shall have the area open by the custodian only when a facility use request has been complete and approved.

The Richmond Community School District does hereby grant the privilege of the use and possession of keys to district property as follows (Terms and Conditions):

Key holder agrees to and understands that the reasonable responsibility for the care of building, premises and conduct of persons using school district facilities while under the supervision of key holder is inherent with key holder privileges.

Key holder agrees to not give possession of such key(s) to any other neither person nor cause or allow any copies to be made of such key(s).

Key holder further agrees to return key(s) to the District when the need for said key(s) no longer exists, employment with Richmond Community Schools is terminated or ceases, or demand due to reasonable request

Lost or stolen keys shall be reported immediately to the Superintendent’s Office.  A fee of $75 for each key lost or replacement key issued shall be assessed.

Lesson Plans

All teachers are required to complete weekly lesson plans in a manner that is conducive to their teaching and organizational style for each subject they teach (elementary Teachers) or each hour they teach (Secondary).  It is recommended that building school improvement teams, or grade-level teams//departments, create a common lesson plan template to easily identify the lesson plan components.

All teachers will have to complete lesion plans for each hour and each subject using the current building-determined template, which includes the five (2) required components. 

#1 – State Standard(s) - What are you teaching?  As a teacher plans their lessons, they should be asking themselves the question, “What do I want my students to master when I am done instructing?”  If we are committed to guaranteed learning for all student, then we must be focused and strategic in our instruction.  Simply listing multiple, in fact dozens of state standards on lesson plans does not demonstrate focus instruction.  What is it that you want students to learn?  Once you can answer that question, identifying the standard or standards becomes easy.  Naturally, these standards would then be written in student-friendly terms as Learning Targets on the classroom white boards.

#2 – Engaging Student Activity or Activities – What activity or activities will students be doing?  I ask you to consider this…if you were sitting in the desk your students are in and given the assignments you currently assigning your students, would you be engaged in learning?  The District expects students to be highly engaged in meaningful activities that provide a depth of knowledge essential for students to master the content and expectations.  Worksheets are not engaging activities.

Elementary teachers will only have to complete lesson plans for Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.  With this said, the District expects that writing and the components that make up a Balanced Writing Program are being taught and planned for.

Formal lesson plans, as defined above, do not need to be completed or turned in after Memorial Day or the first week of school in September.  While the District’s expectation is that staff thoughtfully plan for this time-period, formal lesson plans will not be required.

Mail Service and Mailboxes
Outgoing mail (US Postage, intra-district, and MISD Van Mail), should be in the Main Office before 8:00am each day.  MISD van mail is taken to the Board of Education & Administrative Offices each morning and picked up by MISD personnel each afternoon.

Each employee shall be issued a school mailbox.  The mailbox is for school use only.  It is the expectation that faculty members check their mailbox prior to reporting to their assignment and at the end of the day.

Main Office
The Main office shall be open from 7:00-3:30pm.  Employee other than office staff are not allowed in the office after hours, unless approved by the Principal or his/her designee.

Marking Period
There is approximately two (2) nine-week marking periods per semester. For middle and high school, each marking period will be counted as a percentage of the overall semester grade.  All teachers should effectively communicate both positive and negative feedback using progress reports, report cards and contacts.  Teachers are also expected to meet the expectations of their parent logs as specified by building administration each quarter and submit them electronically to the building principal on the dates specified.

An incomplete may be issued when a student misses a portion of the course and does not complete the work as assigned prior to the end of a marking period.  Except for a documented prolonged illness or hospitalization, no longer than two weeks is allowed for a grade to be changed from the "I" to a passing grade.  After that the grade will automatically be converted to an "F".

It is expected that teachers communicate with parents regarding when a significant drop in student performance occurs.  A student may not be given a final grade of “D” or “F” without prior documented parental contact and time allowed for the parent to work with the student and teacher to improve the performance. If a student’s grade drops 2 or more letter grades documented parental contact is also required.  .  Likewise, superior work and greatly improved performance should also be noted to parents.

Media Center
The Media Center will be supervised by a Media Paraprofessional and will be open between 7:00-4:00pm at the high school, and 7:30-4:00pm at the elementary and middle school.  Teaching staff may send individual students to the Media Center utilizing a pass during regular school hours; however, there is a limit of four from any one class.

Students will not be allowed to use the Media Center during their assigned lunch period unless they have a pass from one of their teachers for a specific assignment.

The Media Paraprofessional will be responsible for scheduling the use of the Media Center and computers labs.  Teachers bringing entire classes to the Media Center shall be responsible for the conduct, supervision, and associated activities of their respective class while using the Media Center.

The Media Paraprofessional shall be responsible for the scheduling of equipment.  Teachers will need to pick up reserved equipment. Teachers will be responsible for the return of equipment.

The Media Paraprofessional will assist in making copies in the copy center and maintain the equipment as required. Teachers can easily utilize the electronic controls from their desktop to accomplish most printing needs


Non-Discrimination Statement

The District’s Non-Discrimination Statement must be included in all documents, such as Student handbook, Parent/Guardian Handbook, Employee Handbook, Course Catalog, Newspapers, Newsletters, etc.  To obtain the most current version of the Non-discrimination Statement, please contact the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.


All painting shall be completed by district contracted personnelStaff are prohibited from painting the walls, ceilings or floors of their classroom or office area.  Wall murals shall only be authorized with the prior approval of the Superintendent via the building administrator.

Passing Time

For middle school and high school there are five (5) minutes of passing time between classes.  It is the District’s expectation that teachers are in the hallways supervising passing times by standing outside the classroom or office doorway and helping to keep traffic moving along.  Staff are expected to correct inappropriate student behavior in the hallways as it happens and encourage positive behavior in accordance with the building’s PBIS initiative.

Personal Property
Personal property used in the school or classroom is not insured by the district and will not be replaced if stolen or destroyed, nor repaired if damaged.  Employee are urged to use discretion when using personal property in their assignment.

Power Failure
In the event of a power failure due to conditions other than a tornado, employees are to remain in their classroom or office until further instructions are provided.  Common sense dictates; remember employees are responsible for the safety of students.

Support staff not assigned to students shall report to the office to receive special instructions or reassignment from the building administrator or his/her designee during the power failure.

Pre-student teacher/Student Teacher 
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Professional Behavior and Appearance
Proper Language.  Do not resort to poor language when dealing with students or parents.  Swearing or profanity has absolutely no place in the school system.  All reported incidents shall be investigated and the employee may be subject to disciplinary action.

Alcoholic Beverages:  Employees are expected to adhere to Board Policy.

Use of Tobacco:  Employees are expected to adhere to Board Policy.

Personal Appearance and Dress:  Employees are expected to dress professionally.  Jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts do not constitute professional attire.  Physical Education classes and other special times and events may require alternate apparel.  Alternative dress may be appropriate to enhance moral, so long as it is approved by the building principal.  In every case, employee attire should be above that which is expected of students.

Payday Fridays are traditionally Richmond Blue and White Pride Days.  Please remember to remain dressed professionally.  Blue jeans for a cause will be allowed on payday Fridays.

Progress Reports
Middle and High School - A student may not be given a final grade of a “D” or “F” without prior documented parental contact and time allowed for the parent to work with the student and teacher to improve the performance.  If a student’s grade drops 2 or more letter grades documented parental contact is also required.  Likewise, superior work and greatly improved performance should also be noted to parents.

Elementary School - As specified in the student parent handbook.

Public Address (PA) System
The PA system shall be used for daily announcements. Special announcements may occasionally be made near during the day or at the end of the day.  The PA is not a substitute for advance planning.  All announcements must be made with the authorization of the building administrator or his/her designee.

Daily Announcements.  Announcements handed in after the start of the day or First Hour will be placed in the next day’s announcements.  Daily announcements will be read at the designated time.  When composing an announcement, the following ground rules apply:
--Keep announcements brief.
--A series of announcements concerning a major student event (dances, parties, elections-plays, musicals, tournaments) should not exceed one week
--All announcements concerning student activities must be proofread and signed by the sponsor.
--All announcements must be submitted to the designated office secretary in the building before school starts.   

All student records are recorded electronically. There is a computerized grading program and attendance system in place to assist in recordkeeping. It is the expectation of the administration that you update your grade book in Power School by Tuesday before the first hour bell each new week.  We do understand that major projects or papers may require more time to grade and enter into Power School.


--Keep door locked at all times.
--Do not leave or prop exterior doors open.
--Keep your keys with you at all times.  Do not give them to students.
--Your daily lessons and activities should maximize instructional time.  Idle time provides opportunities for students to make poor choices.
--Classes are expected to begin promptly after the bell, and instruction should continue until the class period ends.
--Students should NOT be in your doorways prior to the bell ringing.
--Keep passes to a minimum; any student without a pass shall be escorted back to your room
--Maintain visibility in the hallway outside of your classroom during passing time.
--Close and lock the door if you are not in your classroom.

--All locker rooms shall remain locked unless occupied by a class (this means during class, the locker rooms will be locked from both ends).
--Locker rooms should be more closely monitored when possible.
--As students change and exit the locker room, maintain control of your class.

Exterior Building Entries
--Key Fobs are required for entry into the school.
--The main entry of the building will be unlocked and controlled before school.
--Exterior classroom doors are to be shut when not occupied and supervised by the teacher.

Staff Parking

Staff shall not park in any of the VISITOR PARKING throughout the campus during the hours of 7:00am-3:00pm on day when school is in sessions.  These spots are for visitors to our campus, not employees.  Staff should also not park in areas designated for bus loading/unloading as well as student drop off lanes.

Designated staff parking has been previously identified by your building or department supervisor as listed below


--Elementary School – Parking lot located on the north side of the building, next to the soccer fields

--Richmond Middle School – Parking lot located next to the middle school gymnasium

--Richmond High School – Parking lot behind the auditorium and the parking spaces that are next to the alethic complex.


Student Attendance

Teachers are responsible for keeping accurate attendance records in PowerSchool at all times.  Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding attendance procedures.

Elementary Teachers must take attendance within the first thirty (30) minutes of the morning and afternoon session, each day.  Middle and High School teachers shall take attendance within the first ten (10) minutes of each hour.

If a parent or guardian contacts a teacher regarding a student absence or the number of absences, please verify that the parent or guardian contacted the office staff.

Student fund-raising

The Board of Education acknowledges that the solicitation of funds from students must be limited since compulsory attendance laws make the student a captive donor and may also disrupt the program of the schools.

For purposes of this policy "student fund-raising" shall include the solicitation and collection of money from students for any purpose and shall include the collection of money in exchange for tickets, papers, or any other goods or services for approved student activities.  “Student fund-raising” also includes give away goods or services, but suggesting a monetary donation.


The Board will permit student fund-raising by students in school, on school property, or at any school-sponsored event only when the profit therefrom is to be used for school purposes or for an activity connected with the schools.


Fund-raising by approved school organizations, those whose funds are managed by the District, may be permitted in school by the principal. Such fund-raising off school grounds may be permitted by the Superintendent. 


The Board permits one (1) fundraiser per week per school that involves the sale of food items and/or beverages that are an exception to the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools regulations for consumption on campus during the school day by students.


Other than approved non-compliant fundraisers, the food and/or beverage items to be sold for any fund-raiser by student clubs and organizations, parent groups, or booster clubs and consumed on campus, shall comply with the current SDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards, and also be consistent with requirements set forth in Policy 8500 – Food Service.


If approved, fund-raisers that involve the sale of food items or beverages to students on campus must be consistent with regulations established in Policy 8500, Food Service, pertaining to the sale of foods and beverages during food-service hours, whether those food items and beverages are complaint with or an exception to the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards.


If an exception is granted to the requirements that food items and beverages are complaint with the current USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the USDA Smart Snacks in Schools nutrition standards, the Principal shall also maintain records for each exception, including, but not limited to the length of the fund-raiser, the type, quantity, and price of the food items and/or beverages sold, and the gross and net amount raised.


Fund-raising by students on behalf of those school-related organizations and District support organizations, whose funds are not managed by the District may be permitted on or off school grounds by the Superintendent.


All fund-raising by school related organizations and District support organizations, both those whose funds are managed by the Fiscal Officer and those whose funds are not managed by the Fiscal Officer, shall be done in accordance with Policy 9211 and Policy 9700.


The Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines for the solicitation of funds that shall:

--specify the times and places in which funds may be collected;

--describe permitted methods of solicitation which do not place undue pressure on students;

--limit the kind and amount of advertising for solicitation;

--require that the Superintendent approve the distribution or liquidation of monies remaining in a student activity account when the organization is defunct or disbanded; and

--limit the number of fund-raising events.

Advisors for approved school organizations shall not accept any form of compensation from vendors that might influence their selection on a vendor that will provide a fund-raising activity or a product that will be sold as a fund-raiser.  Furthermore, advisors for approved school organizations shall not accept any compensation from a vendor after a decision has been made regarding a fund-raising activity or a product that will be sold as a fund-raiser.  In addition, advisors for school approved organizations who make the selection of a vendor that will provide a fund-raising activity or a product that will be sold as a fund-raiser shall not enter into a contractual arrangement whereby an advisor receives compensation in any form from the vendor that provides a fund-raising activity or a product that will be sold as a fund-raiser.


Such compensation includes, but is not limited to, cash, check, stocks, or any other form of securities, and gifts such as televisions, microwaves, ovens, computers, discount certificates, travel vouchers, tickets, passes, and other such things of value.  In the event that an advisor of an approved school organization receives such compensation, albeit unsolicited, from a vendor, the individual shall notify the Fiscal Officer, in writing, that s/her received such compensation and shall thereafter properly transmit said compensation tot eh Fiscal Officer at his/her earliest opportunity.


The Superintendent shall distribute this policy and the guidelines which implement it to each organization granted permission to solicit funds.


Student Messages

Elementary school teachers shall receive a call from the office to communicate messages to students.

Richmond Middle School Teachers are expected to check their email and deliver any student messages at the beginning of 7th  hour to reduce interruptions during the school day.

Messengers from the RHS office will deliver passes to classrooms for students who are asked to report to an administrator or counselor.    Teachers should distribute passes to students only when they are delivered in such a manner.  The pass will indicate the time the student is to report, or if none is specified, the teacher may dismiss the student any time during the hour.

Student Support Services
Guidance: The counselor maintains all student records and will assist teachers in gaining information about students.  They will also assist in making referrals to other agencies or personnel.

Counselors have been asked to develop and coordinate a united effort in providing a successful year for their high-risk students.  Teachers are expected to share information about students with counselors and refer students to them when problems arise. 

Teachers are also encouraged to review student records.  When doing so, it is understood specific responsibilities for the use of that material rests with the observer.  If a middle or high school teacher wishes to review a student’s academic file, the teacher must make an appointment with the counselor. (e.g. FERPA)

It is the responsibility of all faculty to submit their absence in the District’s attendance system (WillSUB) at all time, regardless of whether the faculty requires a substitute in their absence.

After 7:00 am emergencies that results in an absence or partial absence for the day, faculty member are required to contact the building principal or his/her designee immediately.  For emergencies that occur during the day that result in the need to leave your building/assignment, faculty shall contact their building principal and/or designee. 

Any coverage of your classroom or workstation within the school day by another faculty member must be approved by the building principal prior to the coverage taking place. 

To the best of its ability, the District shall provide substitutes for Classroom Teachers, Special Education Classroom Teachers, Special Education Paraprofessionals, and Lunch Aides.

Unless the absences is long-term and approved by the Superintendent, the District shall not provide substitutes for Counselors, Media Center Paraprofessionals, Media Technician (Middle School only), Secretaries (unless both office secretaries are out), Social Workers, Speech and Language Instructors, and Title I Paraprofessionals.

Faculty shall maintain a standardized “Substitute Teacher Folder/Binder” containing the following information:
--Daily schedule of classes with assigned lunchtime and duties.
--Classroom operating procedures including classroom management plan.
--Lesson plan with materials for completing the lesson.
--An alternate plan if the daily plan cannot be followed.
--Updated class rosters and seating charts.
--Notes regarding students with special situations and/or potential problems (e.g. health plans, 504s, behavior plans etc.).
--A list of students’ best qualified to assist the substitute teacher in each class.
--Name and location of a nearby teacher to contact for assistance.
--A substitute teacher feedback form.
--A discipline referral form. 
--Crisis Management Plan with maps for take shelter and evacuation.

It is expected that this folder is kept up-to-date and regularly maintained.  This folder will be subject to the teacher’s annual evaluation and will be periodically monitored by administration.

Non-teacher personnel in which a substitute will be provided when absent are expected to maintain a standardized “Substitute Folder/Binder” containing the following information:
--Daily schedule of assigned with assigned lunchtime and duties.
--Operating procedures including student management plan.
--Updated rosters of students and services provided. --Notes regarding students with special situations and/or potential problems (e.g. health plans, 504s, behavior plans etc.).
--Name and location of a nearby teacher to contact for assistance.
--Crisis Management Plan with maps for take shelter and evacuation.

It is expected that this folder is kept up-to-date and remain in the faculty mailbox.

Supplemental Materials
Use of supplemental materials is encouraged. There are a multitude of sources available, many online. Please make sure the supplemental material you use is appropriate.

When using movies and other related media, Board Policy and Federal Law prohibits the use of copyrighted material in the classroom without a proper license.  Board Policy and Federal Law does provide an opportunity to use copyrighted material without a license in certain teaching situations, however, this rarely includes the viewing of a whole movie.  Please make sure you are following the law if you plan to use a movie in your classroom.  If you have questions about this please speak with your building administrator.

Teacher Professional Development Mondays
Teacher Professional Development Mondays are scheduled according to the agreed upon calendar between the REA and District and shall begin five (5) minutes after the dismissal bell.  These professional development times shall last one-hour and fifteen minutes.

Employees are expected to attend and actively participate in all scheduled professional development meeting.  Attendance is mandatory, unless prior permission is provided by the building principal. Teachers who service two or more buildings shall alternate their attendance at faculty meetings at each of their assigned buildings unless the building administrators agree upon a different schedule.

It shall be the responsibility of any employee excused from a professional development meeting to arrange for a mutually agreeable time to meet with the building principal (or designee) to review materials and information that was missed.  The administration reserves the right to call emergency faculty meetings or hold meetings with teachers during their preparation periods. Other meetings will be held as permitted by the contract.

Teacher’s Role in School Activities
As professionals and as stated in the teacher contract, teachers are encouraged to be involved with their students in a variety of school activities. Students do notice and appreciate those who attend events outside of the normal school day.  Your attendance at after school events is encouraged.

Check the school web site prior to contacting the principal’s secretary to schedule a student activity.  The principal’s secretary records all scheduled activities in the school calendar located on the school web site.  Please report your extra-curricular activities (other than athletics) so they can be placed in the calendar.

Telephone and Voicemail
Telephones and voicemail shall be for school business.  Each faculty member shall be issued a voicemail box account.  Faculty are expected to check their voicemail before and after the school day as well as during their preparation period.  All calls received requiring a response shall be returned within twenty-four (24) hours or the next work day.

It is good practice to make calls to support the positive situations of students as well as communicating to them regarding a negative issue.

The classroom teacher is responsible for the issuance of all books and the record of them.  The record should include:
--The number of the book issued clearly recorded with the student name.
--The book itself should include the student name, condition, teacher name and the year on the inside of the front cover in the space provided.
All books must be accounted for from a student before the end of the year (elementary) or final exam is taken (secondary).


The Board of Education prohibits staff members from possessing, storing, making, or using a weapon in any setting that is under the control and supervision of the District for the purpose of school activities approved and authorized by the District including but not limited to, property leased, owned, or contract for by the District, a school sponsored event, including athletic events, or a District vehicle.

The term “weapon” means any object which, in the manner it is used, is intended to be used, or is repre4sented, is capable of inflicting seriously bodily harm or property damage, as well as endangering the health and safety of persons.  Weapons include, but not limited to, firearms, guns of any type, including spring, air, and gas-powered whether loaded or unloaded) that will expel a BB, pellet, or paint balls, knives, razors, clubs, electric weapons, metallic knuckles, martial arts weapons, ammunition, and explosives or any other weapon described n 18 U.S.C. 921.

The Superintendent shall refer a staff member who violates this policy to law enforcement officials.  The staff member will also be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, as permitted by applicable Board policy and the terms of existing collective bargaining agreements.

Staff members shall immediately report any knowledge of dangerous weapons and/or threats of violence by students, staff members, or visitors to the Superintendent.  Failure to report such information may subject the staff member to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Work Calendar
Faculty are expected to work their assigned calendar as provide by contract and/or the Superintendent or his/her designee.  Any deviation from a staff member’s work calendar must be preapproved by the Superintendent or his/her designee must be preapproved.

Work Day
Teachers shall report to his/her station or adjacent hall area no later than five (5) minutes before the beginning of the school day.  This includes teachers with a beginning of the day preparation period.  Support faculty shall report to his/her work station at their established start time.

While it is the expectation that all faculty arrive to work on time, there may be situations in which the faculty will be late.  It is the District expectation that when this occurs, all faculty immediately contact the building principal, or department supervisor if applicable.

No faculty shall leave their assignment early unless arrangements have been made with the building administrator or his/her designee.

Work Request

​All work requests will be submitted through the district work request form on the website found here.

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