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  Parents and Students,

Please check the student handbook link, located under the students tab. Here are some simple reminders this school year. 
  • Tardies are totaled per semester per class. Second semester tardies will reset.
  • Four tardies in a class equals an after school detention.
  • Students will be notified of their suspension through the office of the Dean of Students.
  • If a student has 7 or more absences in a class they must pass the class with a 75% or better and pass the final exam with a 60% or better.
  • Long-term illness (3 days or more), chronic illness's, court appearances, and bereavement will not be included in total absences with proper paperwork turned in to the attendance secretary.
Please check the Student Handbook for any further questions/specifics. 


Students and Parents,

The State of Michigan has launched a new site designed to help all school stakeholders report possible violent occurrences.

The goal of OK2SAY is to stop harmful behavior before it occurs by encouraging students to report threatening behavior to caring adult authorities who can help. Featuring a comprehensive communication system that facilitates tip submissions through telephone, text, website, e-mail, and multimedia technologies, OK2SAY enables Michigan residents to confidentially report student safety threats to trained program operators, who forward tips on to local law enforcement agencies, school officials, or community mental health service programs for a timely response.

This program is another mode of communication if you do not feel comfortable reporting directly to the school administration. Below is the active link.

School Dances:

The following provisions for Richmond High School dances apply to all major dances (Homecoming, Snowcoming, and Prom).
  • Students and guests must have a valid school ID to enter the dance.
  • Guests must have some type of valid picture ID. 
  • Students will not be allowed to enter after one hour from the posted start of the dance. 
  • Guests must have prior approval and paperwork submitted to gain entry. 
  • Students must be passing all courses being currently taken at Richmond High School.
  • Students with any formal offenses from the current school year will not be allowed to participate. 
  • Inappropriate dancing will not be tolerated. Administrators have the discretion to eject students from the dance for such actions, and/or adopt such policy to distribute to students prior which explains the restricted dancing and consequences.


High School Policy:

When a student has accumulated five (5) informal and or formal offenses total, the student may be placed on probation for the remainder of the school year. A student can also be on probation/behavior/academic contract as deemed appropriate by administration.

Dress Code:
11. Backpacks are only permitted when entering and exiting the building. Must be left in the student’s locker throughout the school day. Students are allowed to carry backpacks to Physical Education classes and Band only. Anything larger than a rectangle shaped tissue box is not permitted.
Any questions feel free to contact me at I am looking forward to a successful and engaging school year here at Richmond High School.

  Proper disposal of prescription drugs

Marijuana Fact Sheet

Warning Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

Informative drug abuse websites


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