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Richmond Community Schools is committed to hiring individuals that are student centered and compassionate for the position they seek.

Employment ApplicationAll employees for Richmond Community Schools, regardless of whether they are hired by Richmond Community Schools or a third party employer, must complete an Employment Application prior to their employment.

Employment Application
Fingerprint Release Form

Administrative Positions
No current openings

Central Office Positions

No current openings

Computer Technician Positions
No current openings

Teaching Positions
No current openings

Substitute Teacher
Substitute Teachers are hired through a third party employer (e.g. EDU Staff).  To apply, CLICK HERE.  Substitute Teacher Rate of Pay (effective 07/01/17):

1-30 Days $85.00 per day
31-60 Days: $90.00 per day
61-90 Days: $95.00 per day
91-120 Days: $100.00 per day
121-150 Days: $105.00 per day
after 150 Days: BA-Step 0 Daily Rate (REA Contract)

Preschool & Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) Teacher AND Preschool & GSRP Aide

Morning Childcare Provider / Preschool Teacher Aide for 4-Year Old Program

Substitute Preschool Teacher and Preschool Aide
.  Substitute Preschool teachers and Aides are hired through a third party employer (EDU Staff).  To apply, CLICK HERE.  Substitute Preschool Teacher Rate of Pay: $80.00 per day; Substitute GSRP Teacher Rate of Pay: $85.00 per day; Substitute Preschool Aide Rate of Pay: $10.30 per hour.

Paraprofessional Positions

No current openings

Substitute Special Education Paraprofessionals.  Substitute paraprofessionals are hired through a third party employer (e.g. EDU Staff).  To apply, CLICK HERE.  Substitute Special Education Paraprofessional Rate of Pay: $10.00 per hour

Secretarial Positions

No current openings

Substitute Secretary.  Substitute Secretaries are hired through a third party employer (e.g. EDU Staff).  To apply, CLICK HERESubstitute Secretary Rate of Pay: $10.50 per hour

Transportation Positions 
Employment Application - Please print - fill out and turn in at Central Office or the Bus Garage

Bus Drivers Wanted - For more information, please call Deb Dobbs, Director of Transportation, at (586) 727-3565, ext. 4001.

Substitute Bus Drivers
.  Substitute Bus Drivers are hired directly through Richmond Community Schools.  To apply, print the application below and return it to the Transportation Department or the Board of Education Office at 35276 Division Road, Richmond, MI 48062.  Substitute Bus Driver Rate of Pay: $16.32 per hour  

Food Service Positions - SUBSTITUTES NEEDED

 Assistant Cook - High School 

Food Service

Substitute Food Service 
 Substitute Food Service employees are hired through a third party employer (e.g. EDU Staff). To apply, CLICK HERE.  Substitute Food Service Rate of Pay: $10.00 per hour  Note: Food Service positions must be pre-approved by the Food Service Director.  Please send resume and letter of interest first to  

Lunch Room Supervisor Positions

No current openings

Substitute Lunch Aide
.  Substitute Lunch Aides are hired through a third party employer (e.g. EDU Staff).  To apply,  CLICK HERE .   Substitute Lunch Aide Rate of Pay: $10.00 per hour 

Before, During, and after-school Childcare Positions

Childcare Provider

Summer Positions:
No current openings

Substitute Childcare
.  Substitute Childcare Personnel are hired through a third party employer (e.g. EDU Staff).  To apply, CLICK HERE.  Substitute Childcare Rate of Pay: $10.00 per hour 


Athletic/Coaching Positions (Schedule B)

Fall Athletic Postings

Clubs, Activities and/or Sponsors (Schedule B)

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    To get started with the process of being hired as a Substitute T
    eacher, Bus Driver, Childcare, Paraprofessional, Secretary, or Food Service employee for Richmond Community Schools, please CLICK HERE to start an application.

    It is very important that you have been Livescan Fingerprinted before you can work at Richmond Community Schools

    Please contact Richmond Community Schools at (586) 727-3565, ext. 6002, if you need to find a fingerprint location. You can download the Livescan form by clicking the following link: Livescan Fingerprint Form

    If you have been Livescan fingerprinted for another district, please be sure you write the district that has your fingerprint results on the Fingerprint Release Form along with your TCN# so we are able to obtain this information quickly and efficiently.  See Release Form: Fingerprint Release Form

    For Current Employees:

    Self-Report of Reportable Offenses 

    Per the “School Safety” legislation enacted into law January 1, 2006, any employee of a public school system must self-report if he or she has been arraigned/charged with certain identified crimes. (See reportable offenses below.) The school employee must report this information within three business days to the following:

    • the Superintendent of the school district in which they are employed;
    • the Michigan Department of Education Office of Professional Preparation Services; and,
    • the school employee must inform the court administrator that he/she is a public school employee. 

    An employee’s failure to report such information will automatically result in guilt of an additional crime. 

    Provided below are the REPORTABLE OFFENSES:

    1. ANY FELONY 
    2. ANY of the following misdemeanors: 
      • Criminal sexual conduct in the fourth degree or an attempt to commit criminal sexual conduct in the third or fourth degree
      • Child abuse in the third or fourth degree or an attempt to commit child abuse in the third or fourth degree
      • Cruelty, torture, or indecent exposure involving a child
      • Delivery of a narcotic to a minor or student or within 1,000 feet of a school property
      • Breaking and entering, or entering without breaking, without permission
      • Knowingly allowing a minor to consume or possess alcohol or a controlled substance at a social gathering
      • Accosting, enticing, or soliciting a child for immoral purposes
      • Larceny from a vacant dwelling
      • Assault and assault and battery including domestic assault
      • Assault and infliction of serious injury
      • Internet crime against a minor
      • Indecent exposure
      • Selling or furnishing liquor to a person less than 21 years of age


    3. ANY violation of a substantially similar law of another State, a political subdivision of this State or another State, or the United States. 

    If you were arraigned of any of the listed offenses please fill out the form below and send to the appropriate agencies with in 3 days of being arraigned.

    Arraignment Disclosure Form

    Non-Discrimination Statement
    In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education amendments of 1972, Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, Title II of the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, and Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1977, it is the policy of the Richmond Community School District that no person shall, on the basis of race, color, religion ,military status, national origin or ancestry, sex, disability, age (except as authorized by law,) height, weight, or marital status be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to, discrimination during any program, activity, service or employment. Inquiries related to any nondiscrimination policies should be directed to the Superintendent, 35276 Division Road, Richmond, MI 48062, (586) 727-3565.

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